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Are you interested in becoming a body painting model?

We are always looking for models for a variety of projects. Commercial projects require stricter adherence to certain body types, but for other projects, we are interested in anyone, male or female, with an attractive physique that is interested in participating in this amazing and unique art form.

We are also interested in people with unique or exotic physical characteristics: twins, extremely long hair, etc. can make for a compelling photo session. Gymnasts, Dancers, Fitness Models, Contortionists and people with physical skills can be interesting.

If you are interested in being a model for one of our projects, feel free to submit the model form below. If you want to book a private session for your own use, please feel to contact us to discuss.

Photo sessions

We are always at work building a portfolio of good work, showing our talents in a variety of creative projects. We are always interested in expanding our artistic explorations to include new designs and thematic approaches. This is an ongoing process, where there is a lot of play and experimentation. Portfolio work can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, depending on concept and complexity. It’s usually done in a home, studio or location setting and is professionally photographed upon completion.
In portfolio work, models are usually not obtaining a fee, however, we are offering all final post-processed photos in return for their services, which they will receive as digital files (for NON-COMMERCIAL/PRIVATE use). Additional prints can be purchased at an exclusive discounted fee.

Requirements for photo shootings:

  • + 18
  • any model shape or type depending on the project
  • full of energy and motivation
  • being patient (body light painting and photography sessions can take anything from 1-4 hours per piece)
  • being open-minded
  • no use of any oil or lotion
  • being shaved a day before (all visible areas)
  • signing a model release
  • you might want to bring…
  • • bathrobe
  • • snacks
  • • water, or something to drink (to keep you hydrated)
  • • hairband, hairbrushes, styling gear

If you are interested in being part of our Portfolio Shootings, please fill in the form and we will be in contact to disucss.

Model Registration Form

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