How much does it cost?

To create a piece like this could be seen as priceless. You become the canvas for the art I create. Every piece is unique. Limited edition prints can be requested by the customer should they wish to do so, otherwise each piece will be 1 of 1. Every print is signed and numbered by me and receive a seal of authenticity.

How did you come up with your Body Light Paintings?

This happened by accident. I did a one-off favor for a friend and it developed from airbrushing onto a person to what it is today. I am actually a photographer focussing on Wildlife, Automotive and Lightpainting…so why not expand light painting into something new…

How long does it take to make one of your Body Light Paintings?

Depending on the amount of detail, complexity, setup and post-production…It could take anything from 10min to 8 hours (including setup, shoot, post production and printing). Each shoot is different and I like to prepare in advance to save everyone time.

What can you Light Paint?

The sky is the limit! If you can think it, we can do it. If you have your own artwork or you want something designed for you…you just let me know.

How do you choose your models?

Currently, most of my work comes from referrals. As mentioned I only intended to do one piece but more and more people have been asking me to do something for them. Because it’s unique, most people have an idea in their head of what they want. We sit down and discuss it beforehand so that I can prepare the artwork in advance. This just saves me a lot of time on the day. It also helps to keep the customer comfortable.

Other times I would ask a model to collaborate with me when I need to try new ideas and lighting techniques. In exchange, I offer the model a print for their time or the file we created.

Where do you do these shoots?

This all depends on the customer. I can do it in studio or at a location of your choosing.

Model Releases

Yes, we have everyone sign a model release form. Besides being generally good business practice, this is so that hopefully we can put together a book or prints of our work someday.

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes and No….Confusing answer I know, but let me explain…

The “No” means that the main image is captured IN-Camera. This means that what you see was actually shot as you would see it.

The “Yes” means that I do, I am a photographer after all and I would always want to give my customer the best work possible. I work with light and sometimes a shape will be distorted a bit when the model moves, this is a quick fix in post-production. Colour grading and cleanup is a big part of the final product.